Dealing with Slower iPhones - Ways to Make That Faster

Posted on: 05 Dec 2016 | 03:01:51 PM

Dealing with Slower iPhones - Ways to Make That Faster
Whenever one buys any of the phone or iPhones, initially, it is just the matter of minutes to boot the product or how quickly it works. Even you enjoy the fast applications running and this would give you a wow feeling, but with the passing of time when the product is not that new whether it is locked or unlock iPhone 6S or any other device, then possibly it something wrong would have started happening or it might not work as before.

This slowness is quite noticeable and this is the time when neither you can throw the iPhone or purchase a new one, then you need to take steps to make a deal with the slow piece of garbage and make a deal with an issue that is responsible for slowing down the total working of the iPhone. Here given are the ways where you can actually make your unlock iPhone 5S work little faster.

Clear the RAM - RAM as known by everyone uses a computer is called random access memory and this is a device in your system on which the software relies. This would make sure how quickly and slowly your iPhone would perform and how it would react when uses applications. When any of the apps running into any locked or unlock iPhone 6S or any other iPhone then it uses some amount of the RAM. The part of RAM allocated by one app can’t be allocated by the other apps. So, if you are using several applications at one time, then this is the reason for the slowing down of the iPhone. Even, sometimes, several apps may also be the reason for the issue, because whether you quit them, still, they are running at the back and using the space of the RAM. To deal with a situation, you need to reset the RAM, and keep it free from the apps that are using the space unnecessarily. Here’s how you can free the space on the RAM:
•  Press and hold the power button of the iPhone till the screen appears with “slide to Power Off”. You need not to power off your iPhone.
•  Release the power button and then, hold the home button for the next five seconds till the time home screen comes back on. This is the simple idea to refresh the RAM of the iPhone and better to make it run faster.

Clear the Cache - Another reason for slowing down the iPhone is cache files. These are the files having stored data so that whenever next time you would use the same app, then it need not to ask for the necessary information. Having theory, even help to make these applications run faster. Sometimes, there are larger cache becomes the reason to slow down the unlock iPhone 5S. Even, not all apps required clearing the cache, but Apple is having a secret feature to the apps that are already installed to the device. So, to clear the cache follows the steps:

•  Open the preinstalled apps. The apps include iTunes store, App store, Podcasts, Music, Game Center, Phone and iMessage.
•  Click the tap bar in any of these apps; tap the same button quickly 10 times in a row. This would flash white to the app and make the cache cleared.
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