Excellent Features that Make Better Experience With iOS 9

Posted on: 08 Dec 2016 | 01:30:12 PM

Excellent Features that Make Better Experience With iOS 9
iOS 9.3 is launched in March 2016, and by the time it is in the news because of offering the customers with some fantastic features and the main highlights from that includes Night shift mode and you can also keep our notes password protected with lower power mode so that can’t be misused. Also with iOS 9, one can make transit directions in Maps. Given here is the list of some new functions you would get with new OS and enjoy the new experience with your iPad or iPhone.

Proactive - With having iOS 9 one can be able to enjoy new features and one of the exciting one is proactive. Yes, you must have learned that if previously or currently using Android, as it is believed this feature can be taken from that and the best part for Apple users is that it is present there in iOS 9. This is in fact; quite helpful for life altering. It also helps you in keeping step ahead and offers a shortcut to that behaviour. 

Night Shift Mode - When you are having with iOS 9 then it offers with wonderful feature that is the night shift mode. That is also considered to be a favourite feature with iOS 9.3. Many studies have done over the same and hence conclude that blue light exposure is responsible for disturbing the circadian rhythms and so one feels difficult to sleep at night. This issue has become huge for the users of the cell phone and to make a deal with that the makers have launched the Apple’s Night Shift Mode so would have improved the amount of time we used to take to fall asleep at night. With the feature, device’s clock and Geolocation make the sunset determined, and as per that make adjustments in the displayed colors of the iPhone that give an ease to the eyes. One can get access to that either with the settings app or from the control center.

Keep Your Notes Protected - Notes app is quite commonly used for storing the information. Sometimes, this is the information we don’t want to share with anyone or wanted to keep that secret and in that way, this latest iOS keep the sensitive information safe and protected, including your Wi-Fi password, financial information or website logins etc. and these are generally accessed by iPhone or iPad. To make the issue resolved, iOS offered solution to keep your notes safe and secured with either a Touch ID in the form of your fingerprint lock or it can also be locked using a password. You need to tap the share icon within the note that you wanted to keep secreted and click the Lock Note and then you would be able to input any of the desired passwords you wanted to use. This way you can be able to keep the future documents saved by remembering just one password. You can tap the padlock icon, to lock the notes and this is as simple as explained.

So, why would not enjoy these extremely helpful yet wonderful features with iOS 9.

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