Frequently Asked Questions for iPhone Unlocking

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Where can I get Icloud Unlock service in the UK?

We can provide you with a guide on icloud lock removal as well as transfer of service methods.
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Is it possible to unlock a device on a fixed term contract?

We can perform unlocking on fixed term contract phones because unlocking services do not effect contracts. Service providers will not penalize you for unlocking your phone and you are not obligated to complete your contract with your phone provider.

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How do you unlock an iPhone?

To unlock an iphone with mobilehub UK, you just need to fill out the phone section with information about the type of iphone you have. Click the model phone as well as the provider and our system can create the unlock codes for your make, model and carrier and then send them to you via email.

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What id Mobile unlocking for Iphone via IMEI?

Unlocking a mobile phone through IMEI is the most secure and best method for unlocking any device. The process of mobile unlocking via IMEI uses a code to unlock your phone. To find the IMEI number you need to look at the back of your device near the battery or type in *#06# to have the code sent to you. 

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Will iPhone unlock codes always be correct?

There is always a very small percentage of errors in the codes we receive but this is a rarity. There are millions of codes in the apple database and most of the time we are correct with the unlock code the very first time. 

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Will unlocking damage my Phone?

There are no risks for unlocking your phone. All phones are designed to use these codes for switching plans and more. Unlocking a phone by cable or hardware solutions is far riskier. Our unlocking equipment is industry standard and we back our service with a money back warrantee. There is no risk of your mobile phone being damaged through unlocking. 

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