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Dial *#06# to get your official iphone IMEI number. Click here if you want to learn more about IMEI numbers.

iPhone Factory Unlock

An unlocked iPhone can be used with any of the cellular networks and needed the compatible carrier SIM card. So, is the reason actually unlocked iPhones are more valuable and international and local users wanted that it is workable with any GSM carrier to be used at anywhere with replacing your SIM cards with the same, but actually it is a huge task to know whether the iPhone SIM unlock or not as usually one can’t tell the same after just looking to same.

In case, you wanted to have a SIM unlock iPhone so that can be used at the local place or while travelling internationally then a necessity, says you need to make that check whether the iPhone is factory unlocked or not. So, as if it is locked then have to make the iPhone IMEI check that is basic step to check whether it is locked or unlocked.

To start the check-up of iPhone for locking or unlocking, you need to start with some steps:

Dial *#06# and that would provide you with Apple IMEI check numbers.

So, to get that whether the iPhone is locked or unlocked, firstly you need to enter the iPhone IMEI check number and this way the status of your iPhone. This would also make you sure to get the correct network to make done the unlocking task. Your carrier and SIM lock information is also needed for complete iPhone SIM unlock.

A SIM which is actually locked would restrict the network that you can’t be used with any other country or location using any other SIM or network. So, in case you would have some kind of discounted network for your cell phone then it would further go into the process of SIM lock on your iPhone and no other network or local area would allow there. With getting done with unlocking iPhone services or other ways one can be able to make does the task with efficiency and the status further can be checked with an Apple IMEI check which would show the unlocked that can easily work with any network to local or international areas.