How to unlock my second hand iPhone 5 or iPhone 6

Posted on: 18 Apr 2016 | 11:27:30 AM

Whenever you buy an iPhone through the carrier, then possibly it would be locked to the network of that carrier. This is quite common and actually not a big deal, but when you wanted to make chance your network or travelling then actually needed to switch to another carrier before the end up of the contract, so, need there is to get your iPhone unlocked so that would work on other networks as well. Some years ago, one can be able to unlock the iPhone by jail breaking and then install unlock software, but Apple has not made that unlocked, not possible through the software. Still, one can be able to get the iPhone unlock more official means:

First Way To Do That- Carrier Unlock

Contact The Existing Carrier And Get The iPhone Unlock Done- Most of the mobile providers can unlock the phone when the contract is expired, but in case, you wanted to get that done first, then have to pay the termination fee, so,  the existing plan would be cancelled. Some carriers even done the unlocking in case, you are travelling to another country and wanted to use the local carrier there.

Contact The Carrier You Wants To Switch To- Some of the companies can unlock the iPhone when you are going to switch to their network. So, you need to check with the desired carrier and get to know about their policy. 

Next Method- Third Party Unlock

Search for Service- There are many online companies which sell you, the unlocking codes for the iPhone unlocking. Some of the companies evade some of the bounds by operating in the countries that are not covered by the law of their country. 

Get Done With Some Research Work- Before making payment for any company to make the unlocking of your iPhone, you need to know as maximum as possible about the company. You can go through the review or feedbacks that are available for the company. You can also go through the iPhone enthusiast forums. Be sure about the companies because many scams can take place when you would not search about the company. 

Retrieve the iPhone’s IMEI Code- Any of the iPhone is added to the Apple’s official unlocked list and that means even after upgrading the iOS it will still be locked. To add the iPhone to list, you will need the IMEI code for iPhone that is unique for every iPhone. You can also find that in many ways.

  1. Dial *#06# and get the IMEI
  2. Original iPhone5, 6 having these numbers are  engraved in the back
  3. For iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S, the IMEI are printed on the SIM card tray.

Pay for the Service- It might take some time to get the unlocking code on your iPhone and to sure that would work, you need to provide the correct information. After confirmation, your iPhone would be unlocked and you can activate that.

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