Installing of iOS 10 without Deleting Your iPhone Data

Posted on: 09 Dec 2016 | 09:32:13 AM

Installing of iOS 10 without Deleting Your iPhone Data
So, you are having your iPad or iPhone whom you wanted to update with iOS 10, but the problem arises when you are running with shortage of space on your device. Then this would become the reason to worry, but not actually when you would follow the below-mentioned tricks to get the task done without touching the data already stored in the device. Here’s the process of downloading and installing iOS 9 or iOS 10 to the unlocking iPhone using iTunes on the Mac that makes quick installation.

Installing iOS on Device with Low Space - When the iOS 8 was launched, then to make done the installation of that one needs to clear extra space to the device, but with iOS 9 or iOS 10 this is not the problem as they are comparatively smaller in size and need not to require extra space. Also, in the previous OS version’s installation, Apple suggested making you free extra space, but now the company is offering to delete apps for you. You are having the option to make them install again later like if you wanted to make the 1.4 GB available in device for installing iOS in your unlocking iPhone, then must delete some apps or unwanted data. You can keep the history or cache clear that save some of your information to be filled automatically whenever next time you use the same application. When you would not keep the history clear, then it keeps much amount of RAM used and so won’t allow you with extra space to run apps. 

There is another way available for you, as per that you can turn on the MAC and start up with the iTunes and this would tell you with available latest version of software for the iPhone that is ‘Karen’s iPhone”. You can select that from there and click on the download or can make it safe for later as per your requirement. It is suggested that you need to check the update on iCloud back up before agreed to proceed with installing the software. Keeping back up done before the update is necessary and also this is a matter of just some minutes as after doing with back up, one can transfer and update the Mac to the iOS update server.

After that, time to click to agree with the terms of the software license agreement and this would ask for passcode on your phone touch ID. This is a simple and the final process to make the iOS update and finished with download for the Mac and it would switch to iPhone firmware update. Now, the screen would appear with the restart required. You need to click on that. Now, you need to set up options to run before actually enjoying the iOS 10. After following the process and agree with the terms you would successfully able to install the iOS without running with shortage of space and enjoy the iPhone with new exciting features as well.

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