To check the Internet connectivity, you need to open iTunes on your Mac or PC. Be sure the SIM card is not from the real carrier is inserted into your iPhone. For instance, in case your iPhone is locked at AT&T, then you have to insert the Verizon, T- mobile or any of the other foreign SIM cards. Then connect the iPhone through USB cable and you would have an official iPhone unlock.

AT&T Apple iPhone

To make doing the finalizing of the unlocking process, you need to go through the below mentioned guidelines. After unlocking the iPhone, one would be able to use any of the SIM card and then you have to update the phone to the latest iOS version because possibly the older version would not work or not support the applications. So, get started with the guidelines:

Get the latest version of iTunes installed and would have an active SIM card inserted in your phone. Then open iTunes on your MAC or PC and check the internet connectivity. Connect the iPhones to iTunes through the USB cable to your phone. You can back up all the data on the iPhone. Then you can complete the setup assistant and restore the backup. After completion of process, you can disconnect the iPhone and wait for 10 seconds and get connected to iTunes and it is completely unlocked now.

Now, the doubt is, how can one tell the phone is unlocked or not? And the answer can get when you would put the GSM and see you can dial out or not. Generally, after you would have make done with the restoration process, it gives you an alert that the phone is unlocked. Possibly, the iTunes will not always show the unlocking of the phone, so, getting that checked with foreign SIM is the best idea.

Guide to deal with troubles with unlocking iPhone

After getting done with the iPhone unlock and even getting that confirmed through email still the phone is locked then these points would possibly help you in getting better answers.

There is “no service” on the phone when tried using T-Mobile/Simple mobile SIM.

The main reason for that possibility is the bad SIM card. So, better you get a brand new, 64 K and make contact with the carrier to get checked whether the iPhone is registered to their network or not. In case, this is due to network issues, then possibly we are helpless here and can’t do anything with unlocking iPhone. In case, of problem, you can contact with Apple because your phone can be defective piece and can be swapped.

There is no activation to iTunes.

In case, you have iPhone 3G or 3G that is already unlocked then possibly, has non-standard modem firmware. So, better you would have checked the modem firmware and for that you have to go to settings-> General-> about-> Modem firmware. When you get 6.15 there, then it is not possible to unlock without downgrading it first. You can also get checked on how to downgrade with checking that on YouTube.

The phone is showing “invalid SIM” and won’t work.

You can make contact with us to get in look inside the issue. If the phone is not getting signals or unlocked then you can also perform the backup and restore one more time. Sometimes, it takes 2-3 times process done to get provisioned and unlocked. You can get try another solution where you can restore that on another computer as well.

When your phone is JAILBROKEN, then possibly it would have software alert. So, be sure the phone is NOT 06.15.00 (iPad) baseband. If the problem is that then you have to downgrade the correct baseband.

The phone shows up as “Not Activated”?

Use the AT&T active SIM card to activate or can also get the last owner’s billing ZIP code along with the last 4 of their SSN. There is a difference between the activating and unlocking iPhone and never get confused between both.