Last updated (January 29, 2019) appreciates the trust and interest you show with us. So, is the reason we believe in safe transactions and privacy of customer’s information. So, here given are the important points for information gathering and dissemination practices.

The following information outlines our policy:

Needed Personal or Other Information for Identification

When you use our website, then we would gather and store your personal information that you provided time to time. The goal to get the information is to offer you safe, smooth, efficient and customized experience. Also, this would help us to provide you services and features as per your personal needs and requirements and customize the website to offer you easy and safe experience.

Why You Have to Provide Your Personal Information

You can generally browse the website without disclosing any of the personal information about yourself. When you provide your personal information then you would no more be an anonymous visitor to us. We indicate the fields necessary to fill or which fields are optional. You have an option to not to offer information by not choosing the particular service or feature on the website. Some kinds of information are certainly tracked with the behaviour on the website. Such information is used for internal research on the user’s interests, demographics and behaviours to understand better and serves the users as the best. The information is accumulated and analysed on gathered basis and possibly included a URL from where you came, which URL you would go next to along with your browser information with your IP address.


The data collection devices such as cookies are also used by us for certain pages of the website and it would support to analysing the web page flow and make promote the effectiveness and the entire task is done with safety and trust. Cookies are actually the small files that are there on your hard drive and make help in assisting in the services. Some of the features are offered here on a website can actually be used with a cookie.

What does cookies do?

We use cookies and so you can enter the password less often during the session. Cookies would also help in offering personal information that is targeted to your interests. Major numbers of cookies are actually session cookies that mean they would be automatically vanish from the hard drive after completion of the session. You are free to decline the cookies with the browser’s permission, but possibly in that condition you would be not capable in using some features on the website and have to enter the password again and again during the session.

Cookies and other similar devices on certain pages of the website are placed on third parties and that is actually not under control. If you make purchases on the website, then we collect the information for the buying behaviour. For transactions, we also required to have your billing address, debit or credit card number with card expiry date and payment instrument details along with tracking information from cheques and money orders.

Note: The privacy policy is subject to change at any time and this would not be notified to you before changing. So, to be aware of the policy you have to review the same over time to time. When you visit the website then you need to be agreed to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and in case, you are not agreed then please don’t use or access our website. With the use of the website, you would be agreed to use them and disclosure of the personal information according to this Privacy Policy. The policy is incorporated into and subject to the Terms of Use.

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