Last updated (January 29, 2019)

As per refund policy, you would get 100% of your money back in case our expert team is not able to unlock the SIM. When the unlocking codes are not working for you or you are not gratified with the services, then we do check Apple GSX report and also SIM is checked for locked status or not. In case the device is still locked with the network, then you need to check the iPhone IMEI number and if still your iPhone is locked then you would get a full refund of your payment.

The refund would be provided to you with the same payment process, you offered us within your own currency. The taxes would not be refunded as a result of the sale. You need to give us 3-5 working days for complete process of returning money. 

In case, your device is blacklisted, stolen or barred so, you would get the half refund then be sure you would have checked the iPhone for that before placing any order. In case of getting orders for wrong network, you would receive a half refund and for that carrier check is utterly important. The order would not be cancelled when it is under process.

Feel FREE to contact the customer service today when you wanted to have a refund and that can also be done when you are facing difficulties with unlocking the iPhone. There are some carriers that take little longer to get unlocked. So, you need to check the carrier specifications on the rates page and in case your phone is there, then suggested to wait for the required time for unlocking on your carrier before asking for any refund or assistance regarding unlocking phones.

Use email, phone or contact form to make contact with the customer support team.

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