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Posted on: 23 Nov 2016 | 06:05:29 AM

An unlocked iPhone is restricted to one carrier means when visiting with another country or wanted to switch to another carrier, then have to not able to do that due to restrictions from one carrier. Then at the time is required for iPhone unlock service that can able to unlock iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Unlocking iPhone UK presents the guide to unlock the iPhone. So, for the legally unlocking iPhone that is not required jailbreak, you need to follow the below mentioned points.

Is unlocking iPhone legal? - The iPhone that is being purchased within the time period of the past two years, then this would already unlocked, but if your iPhone is older than that time slot, then it might be locked to the specific service provider but it doesn’t mean this is forever as provider can make that iPhone unlock without any cost. You can make the unlocking by yourself and need not to contact the original provider. In case, the unlocking is getting done after completion of the contract period, then it is legal, but if the contract period is running, then the process is still on to pay for the contract before getting that unlocked. 

Unlocking iPhone: EE (Orange and T-Mobile)- Having accounting for same for more than 6 months and all the bill payment is clear, then EE will make done an unlocking iPhone for you. The entire costing for the same would be around 8.99 pounds and takes around week long time. In case, you are having an iPhone locked to EE, then some digging is necessary and buying from another source would need to give an original owner’s name with some required account information to complete the online form.

Unlocking iPhone: Vodafone- To avail the iPhone unlock service, you need to have an account to get the details of the person. After getting such information, you can be able to use the Vodafone’s online unlocking form and by the time of 48 hours to 10 days you would get the iPhone unlocked. Those who are with the company for more than a year can avail the service for free otherwise it costs 19.99 costs. 

Unlocking iPhone: Three- This carrier announced that the iPhones that are bought after the 1 January, 2014 is automatically unlocked when you make that connected to WiFi or iTunes. Those who made their purchasing before the time needed to connect the iPhone to iTunes and restore for an unlocking device so, can back up the content first because it might vanish with your data. 

Unlocking iPhone: O2- iPhone that is locked to O2 needed to fill an online form for unlocking it. Pay Monthly customer’s having option to make that unlock anytime they wanted after completed the contract period. 

Pay and Go O2 customers needed to hold for yearlong to get an iPhone unlocked and cost for the same is 15 pounds. O2 representative said that they make done the unlocking for free, but for non- O2 customers, you have to put the SIM card in the iPhone and plug that in the computer and open iTunes for unlocking.

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