Why iOS 10 Version Common with iPhones and iPads

Posted on: 13 Dec 2016 | 01:52:18 PM

Why iOS 10 Version Common with iPhones and iPads
iOS 10 is latest version of the operating system supports with iPad or iPhone and not just this, but installing the same would offer you with huge features like you can lock the screen, having an improved keyboard and the best one is with this operating system one can be able to update the existing application in Apple store as well. 

There are some people in fact are not really happy with iOS 10, as sometimes it crashes or have bugs, but these are not the issue that can’t be resolved. Here given are the ideas with which biggest iOS issues are resolved very quickly and easily to the iPhone 7 Plus unlocking and then can meet with your expectation. Even Apple has agreed to that statement that today more than 60% of the Apple users are having updated with iOS 10 on their iPhones or iPads and they considered it huge achievement. In fact, it has seen the 6% rise from the last searches. 

Apps Crashed - Issue Resolved - After update of iOS 10, it is quite expected that you would have seen the crash of an app. Many apps fall on their arse and that is quite annoying. In that case, to make a deal with the issue, you have to turn that off and then make it turn on again and the app would get refreshed and chances are at a height that it would not crash again. You can even reinstall the troublesome app to make it work wonderfully. 

Low Space Issue Resolved - This is quite common with iPads and iPhones that they are having very low space and you would not able to save your favourite music, photos and other data to the iPhone 7 Plus unlocking. To make a deal with the issue, Apple introduced the micro SD card support, and so is the reason users can expand the storage space. 

Have to Push Down Home Button - Changed with Touch ID - This is a new and innovative feature with the iPhone, but at the same time, is quite annoying that you need to push down the home button on the iPad or iPhone to unlock using the fingerprint. You can’t simply rest your digit on the surface and actions were very much comfortable too. This issue is quite much resolved with the purple stars on the iPad or the iPhone settings menu. When you click on the settings Menu, then tap the General and then Accessibility and then find and tap the Home button. Here you would find an option ‘Rest finger to open’ which is default disabled. Get that turn on through virtual switch and now you need not to push the button for unlocking the iOS device. 

Battery Dies Quickly - Issue Resolved - Having a low battery life is the worst nightmare for those who are addicted to their phone. When you are having iPhones, then this problem might be quite common with you. Updating iOS 10 would help to resolve issues for you. To deal with the problem, go to settings and then tap battery. Start the iOS device power. When you would tab to the last 4 days and then would get the accurate report. It would, in fact, say about the battery sucking apps and if you feel you are not desired having same on the device, then uninstall the same. Your battery life would get back to normal.

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